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Perimeter Fence WallProtection with StoneTree® Fence Walls

Perimeter fence walls surround a wide variety of land parcels, including residential developments, military compounds, municipalities, retail locations, utilities and more. StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall Systems are an attractive, safe, efficient and cost-effective option for barrier walls anywhere in the world. 

Commercial Perimeter Fence WallPrivacy and Noise Reduction

StoneTree® Perimeter Fence Walls are designed to keep intruders and prying eyes away from the area being protected. They have been used to surround sensitive equipment such as television broadcast satellites and utilities. They are also used as attractive residential fence walls, providing privacy to both single family homeowners as well as larger gated communities. StoneTree® Fence Walls are available in a variety of standard heights up to 12 feet, with higher heights available upon request. With concrete being such a dense building material and having reflective sound properties, StoneTree® Fence Walls serve as effective noise reduction barriers.

Easy Access After Installation

Not only are StoneTree® Fence Wall Panels easy to install around the outside of a real estate project, but they are also easily removed in the event that access is needed to an area currently being enclosed. Since StoneTree® Combo-Cast™ Panels are installed using a proprietary Rigid Footing Support System, no grouting is necessary to hold the panel in place once it has been set. This makes for easy removal of one or more panels, without adversely impacting the remainder of the fence wall, in the event that temporary or permanent access is needed in a different part of the perimeter fence than is already available.

Perimeter Highway Sound Wall

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